Australasia Scales welcomes you to our Hire/Rent Scales & Weighbridges information site.

We think It’s a great idea to check with your accountant and find out if renting scales for business purposes is tax deductible for your intended application, as in most cases you may be eligible for…

100% tax deductions.

With either weekly or monthly hire installments, you will dodge the large upfront cash outlay, and with our convenient payment options, never miss a payment. Prior to delivery or customer pick-up, each hire weighing unit is tested & calibrated for accuracy, Trade Verified if required and issued with Quality Assurance Report/s.

In most cases we will also provide you with on site staff training and comprehensive, easy to follow user instructions to ensure accurate and trouble free weighing during stock take or production.

Products For Rent

We offer comprehensive short or long term HIRE SCALE packages and have a large range of industrial and commercial
scales for most applications, some which include;

Crane Scales

Basic Weighing/Counting Scales

Retail & Price Computing

Laboratory Balances

Industrial Floor & Pallet Weighing

Relocatable Weighbridges