Retail and Price Computing Scales


Whether it’s for backroom pre-pack areas, fresh food processing, farmers markets, roadside stands, convenience stores or larger supermarkets, we have a Hire digital retail scale to suit your requirements. From basic “weigh only” to price computing, networked management reporting scales, Point of Sale (POS) & Electronic Cash Register (ECR) systems.

These scales offer functionality, durability and user friendly operation.

When selecting one of our Hire retail scales, you will need to consider the application that the scale will be used in i.e. front counter or pre-packaging, as not all retail scales are suitable for direct selling to the public.

Other considerations should be whether or not power is available, if you want to store price & product information (PLU’s), if you need to use the scale to compute the price, tax and totals, and also if you require the scale/s to print labels or receipts.


For more Retail and Price Computing Scales for Hire, visit the Australasia Scales website or Call 1800 SCALES.